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GC soft service is one of the divisions of Green Connection B.V.
We integrates software and hardware development, with expertise in big data, IoT, intelligent systems for industrial manufacturing, and 3D digital intelligent solutions. We are committed to providing high-quality information construction support and software development services for industries such as education, industrial manufacturing, enterprise operations, transportation, and retail.


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The Product Matrix empowers you with data strength

Integrated Hardware and Software IoT Solution
IoT-based solutions for multiple application scenarios, intelligent, convenient, and efficient.
LingXi Report
Smartly tackle zero-code development, eliminating the need for specialized customization, enabling autonomous development of dashboards.
Smart Industry
Empowering manufacturing enterprises to manage and integrate various business processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
Smart Healthcare
Providing intelligent solutions for the healthcare industry based on artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things.
Smart New Energy
Leveraging distributed unique algorithm systems to achieve intelligent management and optimization of energy production, transmission, and consumption.

GC Solution

The solution for industrial manufacturing ERP systems

Manufacturing Industry Industrial Control Management Platform Solution

Smart Park Solution

Distributed Energy Planning Algorithm System

The Production Process Parameter Monitoring and Control System

Manufacturing Execution System

An Online Payment Solution for IoT-based Self-Service Vending

A Networking Solution Based on the Internet of Things

IoT-based Management System Solution

IoT-based Hardware Device Solution

IoT-based Bluetooth Mesh Networking Solution

E-commerce Intelligent Recommendation System Solution

Solution for Sound Source Localization System Based on Microphone Array

Image Correction and Recognition System Solution Based on Orthogonal Transform

Solution for Intelligent 3D Operation and Maintenance Platform

3D Intelligent Warehousing Solution

Private Domain E-commerce Platform Solution

Online Video Communication Solution

Distributed Storage Solution

Human Resources Management Solution

Major Strategic PartnershipsEstablishing a strong collaborative ecosystem within vertical industries to strengthen the industrial chain

Dynamic Information

GC Employee Training Session First Session
Planned employee training is organized annually with the aim of staying abreast of cutting-edge technologies, enhancing employees' skills, and strengthening the company's competitiveness. This enables us to better serve our customers.GC's goal has always been to be a leader in the industry we are engaged in...
GC's High-Quality Team's New Year Vision
In this era of rapid technological advancement and interconnectedness, GC will continue to hold onto its dreams, striving to seize the growth opportunities offered by the times, continually strategizing for future trends, focusing on creating customer value, and providing ultimate products and services...
VR Integrated Supermarket Buyer-Seller Service Platform: Technological Innovation
Virtual Supermarket: Seller-Buyer Service Platform. Buyers: shopping, checkout. Sellers: product maintenance, cashier, and other simulated operations...